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  • Last update: 04/04/2012

Here are some interesting links to the W3C web site:

  • The latest press releases give you a good overview of what is has happened lately in W3C.
  • XML, XLink, Namespace, DTD, Schema, CSS, XHTML,... If you are new to XML, it may be hard know where to begin. The summary in 10 points attempts to capture the basic concepts (1999).
  • Are you looking for the exact specification of CSS, XML, or ...? Why don't you consult the official recommendations of W3C? All of them are available on-line.
  • Members of the W3C often make presentations all over the world. You want to see their presentation slides? You may find them on the "Talks" area of the W3C home site.
  • Do you want to validate your web site? You can use the public HTML validator or Cascading Style Sheet validator of W3C.
  • Do you want to tidy your HTML code, convert it to XHTML, check its quality? Download an run the HTML tidy program!
  • Do you need tools for your development? Some of the W3C open source programs may suit your needs:
    • Web browser and editor in one: Amaya
    • A full Web server written entirely in Java: Jigsaw. You may want to combine it with Winie, to help you publishing your pages using Jigsaw.
    • A http protocol library: libwww

Of course, this is only a sample. Why don't you check out the W3C site yourself? There might be other things you want to see...

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