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April - avril - april 2006

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Master Class Cascading Style Sheets in Amsterdam

21 February 2006: W3C Benelux organizes a Master Class on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

LocationCentrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica, Amsterdam
Date12 May 2006, 13:00-18:00h
LecturerBert Bos (W3C)

See for more information and registration.

W3C China Office Opens

2006-04-27: The W3C China Office is open in Beijing, China, hosted at the School of Computer Science & Engineering of Beihang University. For more information on the opening ceremonies on 27-28 April, please refer to the press release. W3C Offices assist with promotion efforts in local languages, broaden W3C's geographical base, and encourage international participation in W3C Activities. W3C invites organizations in China who wish to become W3C Members to contact the W3C China Office and Join W3C.

Incubator Group to Explore Semantic Web for Multimedia Content

2006-04-25: W3C is pleased to announce the creation of the Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group, chartered to show how metadata interoperability can be achieved by using the Semantic Web technologies to integrate existing multimedia metadata standards. The group is sponsored by W3C Members IVML-NTUA, CWI, University of Aberdeen, University of Maryland and DFKI. Read about the Incubator Activity, a new initiative to foster development of emerging Web-related technologies.

Browser Vendors, Finance Communities Convene to Address Pressing Web Security Issues

2006-04-25: Google, HP, IBM, KDE, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, Opera, Sun Microsystems, VeriSign, Yahoo! and many other W3C Members and research organizations gathered with leaders of the online finance community in New York City, USA, to address pressing Web security issues at the March 2006 W3C Workshop on "Usability and Transparency of Web Authentication." The Workshop report, including suggested next steps, is now available. W3C thanks Citigroup for hosting and Cisco for network services. More information is available in the press release. Read about W3C Workshops.

SPARQL Specifications Are W3C Candidate Recommendations

2006-04-06: W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of the SPARQL specifications to Candidate Recommendations. With SPARQL (pronounced "sparkle"), developers and end users can write and consume search results across a wide range of information such as personal data, social networks and metadata about digital artifacts like music and images. SPARQL Query Language for RDF specifies syntax for authoring, matching and testing. SPARQL Protocol for RDF describes remote data access and transmission of queries from clients to processors. The SPARQL Query Results XML Format is provided for search results. Visit the Semantic Web home page.

W3C Launches China Office

2006-04-04: W3C is pleased to announce the opening of the W3C China Office. The Office is hosted at the School of Computer Science & Engineering of Beihang University in Beijing, China. Jinpeng Huai is Office Manager. Kazuyuki Ashimura, Steve Bratt, Marie-Claire Forgue, Ivan Herman, Richard Ishida, and Dean Jackson are among those attending the opening ceremonies on 27-28 April. Read the press release and about W3C Offices.