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December - décembre - december 2005

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Best Wishes for the New Year from W3C

2005-12-23: On this fifteenth birthday of the World Wide Web, W3C wishes a happy and successful 2006 to our visitors. Following through on its mission to lead the Web to its full potential, in 2005, W3C published six sets of new Web standards, opened the Indian Office, reduced Membership fees in developing countries, founded the Mobile Web Initiative, and launched eleven new groups including Rich Web Clients, Efficient XML Interchange, Rule Interchange Format and Health Care and Life Sciences. W3C thanks our Members, participants and contributors for their part in these achievements. Publications resume in January. Read About W3C.

Call for Participation: W3C Workshop on the Ubiquitous Web

2005-12-20: Position papers are due 10 February for the W3C Workshop on the Ubiquitous Web to be held 9-10 March 2006, hosted by Keio University in Tokyo, Japan. The "Ubiquitous Web" seeks to fulfill the potential of the Web for distributed applications that adapt to the user's needs, device capabilities and environmental conditions. Attendees will examine enabling technologies and consider what remains to be done to fulfill this vision. Read possible topics and about W3C Workshops.

Call for Participation: Toward a More Secure Web

2005-12-15: Position papers are due 25 January for the W3C Workshop on Transparency and Usability of Web Authentication to be held 15-16 March 2006, hosted by Citigroup in New York, NY, USA. Attendees will identify steps W3C can take to improve the Web's trustworthiness and security for users. Topics include site authentication, safe Web client behavior, communication with users, infrastructures for content providers, and user agent testing. Read the press release, about W3C Workshops and more about Technology and Society.

SMIL 2.1 Is a W3C Recommendation

2005-12-13: The World Wide Web Consortium today released Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL 2.1) as a W3C Recommendation. With SMIL (pronounced "smile"), authors create multimedia presentations and animations integrating streaming audio and video with graphics and text. Version 2.1 features include a new Mobile Profile and an Extended Mobile Profile with enhanced timing, layout and animation capabilities. "Today, W3C makes good on the promise of first class multimedia presentations for the mobile Web," said Chris Lilley (W3C). Read the press release and visit the Synchronized Multimedia home page.

W3C Web Services Addressing Interoperability Event: Vancouver, 17-18 January

2005-12-08: The W3C Web Services Addressing Working Group will hold an Interoperability Event on 17-18 January in Vancouver, BC Canada. Participants will test the Web Services Addressing family of W3C specifications. The group invites interested parties who have implemented Web Services Addressing 1.0: Core, SOAP Binding and/or WSDL Binding. For details and to register, please see the announcement. Visit the Web services home page.

W3C to Internationalize and Secure Voice Browsing

2005-12-06: Following the Workshop on Internationalizing the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), W3C announces new work to extend SSML to Asian and other languages and to add speaker verification. Speaker verification is "the best biometric for securing telephone transactions and communications," said Ken Rehor (Vocalocity) Chairman of the VoiceXML Forum and participant in the W3C Voice Browser Working Group. Read the press release, join W3C and visit the Voice Browser Activity home page.

W3C Welcomes Members at Advisory Committee Meeting

2005-11-29: W3C holds its semiannual Advisory Committee Meeting on 29 November - 1 December in Montréal, Québec, Canada. W3C Member organizations participate in two days of discussions, special sessions and lightning talks on W3C Activities. Learn How to Become a W3C Member and join W3C at the next Advisory Committee Meeting during May 2006 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.