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Februari - Février - February 2003

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Judy Brewer Wins Susan G. Hadden Award

Judy Brewer smiling 21 February 2003: Judy Brewer received the Susan G. Hadden Pioneer Award "for pioneering efforts in telecommunications and consumer access" from the Alliance for Public Technology (APT) in Washington, DC, USA. The award recognizes those who continue Hadden's legacy of ensuring equitable access to technology as a democratizing principle. Read about the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.

VoiceXML 2.0 Candidate Recommendation Revised

20 February 2003: Making a correction to the schemas, the Voice Browser Working Group has released a revised Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) Version 2.0 Candidate Recommendation. Comments are welcome through 10 April. VoiceXML uses XML to bring speech, touch-tone input, digitized audio, recording, telephony, and computer-human conversations to the Web. Visit the Voice Browser home page.

Happy Fifth Birthday to XML

birthday cake for XML10 February 2003: Celebrate the fifth birthday of the Extensible Markup Language (XML), first published as a W3C Recommendation on 10 February 1998. Visit the XML home page. Read about XML's growth in this article by Dave Hollander and C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, participants in the W3C XML Working Group who wrote the original twenty-five page XML specification. The authors believe, "Just as interchangeable parts drove the Industrial Age, reusable information powers the Information Age."

XML Events Is a W3C Candidate Recommendation

7 February 2003: W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of XML Events to Candidate Recommendation. The specification defines a module used to associate behaviors with document-level markup for XML languages, and supports the DOM Level 2 event model. Comments are welcome through 5 March. Visit the HTML home page.

SVG Open 2003: Early Bird Registration

3 February 2003: Early bird registration has started for SVG Open 2003, to be held in Vancouver, Canada on 15-18 July 2003, with additional half-day workshops and tutorials on 13-14 July. Co-sponsored by W3C, the SVG Open conference series is the premier forum for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) developers to share ideas, examples and implementations.

W3C Launches XForms Activity

31 January 2003: W3C is pleased to announce the creation of the XForms Activity. More flexible than previous HTML and XHTML form technologies, XForms separate purpose, presentation, and data. The Activity is producing advanced forms logic, improved internationalization, and rich user interface capabilities. Read the XForms Activity statement and visit the XForms home page.