NEWSLETTER W3C Kantoor in Nederland Januari 2002

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Als uw bedrijf/instelling wil behoren tot de "leading edge" van de verdere ontwikkeling van het Web, is een W3C lidmaatschap de aangewezen weg: /Dutch/joining.shtml. Meer dan 500 bedrijven/instellingen "world wide" gingen reeds voor:

W3C NL/ Masterclass over SVG

18 Januari 2002: De volgende Masterclass in samenwerking met is gepland voor 28 maart 2002. Ivan Herman, hoofd van de W3C Kantoren en expert op het gebied van Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), zal 's middags een tutorial geven over SVG. Nadere details volgen spoedig.

Elfde WWW conferentie 7 - 11 mei 2002 in Honolulu, Hawaii

12 December 2001: WWW2002 de elfde conferentie in de rij van bekende internationale WWW conferenties, wordt 7 - 11 mei 2002 gehouden in Honolulu, Hawaii. Voor meer informatie zie de WWW2002 web site.

CSS Selectors Test Suite Announced

17 January 2002: The CSS Working Group is pleased to announce the first release of the CSS Selectors Test Suite written by Daniel Glazman (Netscape/AOL), Ian Hickson, and Tantek Çelik (Microsoft) for Selectors and the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) language Levels 2 and 3. Ian Hickson developed variants for all kinds of XML and HTML in a format invented by Tantek Çelik. The original CSS1 Test Suite has been converted to the new format. object elements allow the same tests to be used in different test suites. Visit the CSS home page.

Farewell Jean-François Abramatic, Welcome Steve Bratt

13 January 2002: Dr. Jean-François Abramatic steps down as W3C Chairman. From 1996 to 2001, Jean-François led the Consortium with wisdom and insight. Many thanks and best wishes to Jean-François! Please join W3C in welcoming Dr. Steven R. Bratt, W3C's new Chief Operating Officer. Steve will oversee worldwide operations, the W3C Process, the Team, strategic plans, budget, legal matters, and major events. See a photo of our new COO and visit People of the W3C.

W3C Device Independence Workshop Announced

7 January 2002: Registration is open through 11 February for the W3C Workshop on Delivery Context to be held at W3C/INRIA in Sophia-Antipolis, France, on 4-5 March 2002. Participants will exchange ideas and develop a roadmap for the W3C Device Independence Activity work on delivery context, a term used to describe user preferences and the capabilities of their Web access mechanism. Position papers must be submitted by 11 February.

W3C Releases 27 Technical Reports

23 December 2001: During two weeks in December, W3C Working Groups released a record 27 publications: 19 Working Drafts, 7 Notes, and a Recommendation. Find them all linked to the index of technical reports. W3C thanks our Webmaster Dominique Hazaël-Massieux for his superlative execution of this busy publication schedule. Publications will resume on 7 January 2002. As 2002 begins on the Gregorian calendar, please accept W3C's wishes to all of our visitors for a happy and successful new year.

WebCGM Second Release Becomes a W3C Recommendation

18 December 2001: The World Wide Web Consortium today published WebCGM 1.0 Second Release as a W3C Recommendation. The second release is not a new version; it brings WebCGM up to date with the first release errata. A joint effort of W3C and the CGM Open Consortium, WebCGM is an interoperable way to exchange dynamic Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) files over the Web. The WebCGM Profile adds hyperlinking to graphics-rich applications such as interactive electronic manuals for engineering and manufacturing. Read more about WebCGM.

W3C Forms Technical Architecture Group

11 December 2001: W3C is pleased to announce the creation of the W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG). The TAG will document cross-technology Web architecture principles, and resolve architectural issues. The TAG will conduct its work on a public mailing list. Chair Tim Berners-Lee, Paul Cotton, Roy Fielding, David Orchard, Norman Walsh, and Stuart Williams join appointees Tim Bray, Dan Connolly, and Chris Lilley as the first TAG participants. Read the press release and visit the TAG home page.