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July-August 2002

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CSS Mobile Profile Candidate Recommendation Revised

26 July 2002: The CSS Working Group has revised CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 to incorporate review suggestions, comments by implementors, and deliberations of the Working Group. The specification defines a subset of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Level 2 tailored for mobile devices such as wireless phones. Comments are welcome through January 2003. Visit the CSS home page.

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative Receives Roland Wagner Award

20 July 2002: The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) received the Roland Wagner Award at the International Conference on Computers Helping People (ICCHP) on 17 July in Linz, Austria. The award was given by the Austrian Computer Society, in recognition of WAI's international contributions to making Web technologies accessible to the broadest possible audience. Learn more about Web accessibility.

Exclusive XML Canonicalization Is a W3C Recommendation

20 July 2002: W3C has issued Exclusive XML Canonicalization as a W3C Recommendation. Produced by the joint IETF/W3C XML Signature Working Group, the specification augments the Canonical XML Recommendation to better enable a portion of an XML document to be as portable as possible while preserving the digital signature, and works with XML Signature. Read the press release and visit the XML Signature home page.

XML-Signature XPath Filter Becomes a W3C Candidate Recommendation

20 July 2002: W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of XML-Signature XPath Filter 2.0 to Candidate Recommendation. The Call for Implementations ends 8 August. The draft defines a means to digitally sign a document subset using XPath, the language for addressing parts of an XML document. Visit the XML Signature home page.

Call for Papers: EuroWeb 2002

11 July 2002: Supported by the W3C UK and Ireland Office and IW3C2, the EuroWeb 2002 Conference will be held in Oxford, UK on 17-18 December 2002. The conference focus is "The Web and the GRID: from e-science to e-business." Research and position papers should be submitted by 27 September. For more information, please read the call for papers and consult the conference Web site.