NEWSLETTER Nederlands W3C Kantoor Februari 2002

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W3C NL/ Masterclass over SVG

18 Januari 2002: De volgende Masterclass in samenwerking met is gepland voor 28 maart 2002. Ivan Herman, hoofd van de W3C Kantoren en expert op het gebied van Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), zal 's middags een tutorial geven over SVG. Nadere details.

WWW2002 conferentie 7 - 11 mei 2002 in Honolulu, Hawaii

12 December 2001: WWW2002 de elfde conferentie in de rij van bekende internationale WWW conferenties, wordt 7 - 11 mei 2002 gehouden in Honolulu, Hawaii. Voor meer informatie zie de WWW2002 web site.

W3C Track at WWW2002 Announced

21 March 2002: The W3C Track has been announced for the Eleventh International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2002) in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. W3C will present three days on 8-10 May: W3C's Achievements and Expectations, Web Services, the Semantic Web, XML, Document Formats, Cool Web, Universal Access, Device Independence, Amaya, and a Town Meeting. Please visit the W3C Track page for details on presentations. Conference registration is open.

W3C Hosts Technical Plenary and All-Group Meeting

15 March 2002: W3C held its second annual Technical Plenary and Working Group Meeting on 25 February - 1 March in Cannes Mandelieu, France. More than 20 W3C Working Groups and Interest Groups held face-to-face meetings. Mid-week, over 200 participants attended the all day public plenary. Minutes have been published. If your organization would like to join W3C, please refer to the Membership page.

IsaViz - A Visual Authoring Tool for RDF Announced

14 March 2002: W3C's Semantic Web Advanced Development initiative announces the release of IsaViz, a visual environment for browsing and authoring RDF models represented as graphs. IsaViz has a 2.5D user interface allowing smooth zooming and navigation. IsaViz supports RDF/XML and N-Triple import and export, and SVG and PNG export. Developed by Emmanuel Pietriga of W3C and Xerox Research Centre Europe, IsaViz is based on the Xerox Visual Transformation Machine, Hewlett-Packard's Jena, Graphviz from AT&T Research, and Apache's Xerces. Learn more about IsaViz.

XML Encryption, Decryption Become W3C Candidate Recommendations

4 March 2002: W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of XML Encryption Syntax and Processing and Decryption Transform to Candidate Recommendations. A companion document, XML Encryption Requirements has been released as a W3C Note. Encryption makes sensitive data confidential for storage or transmission. Read about the W3C XML Encryption Activity.

Royalty-Free Patent Policy Working Draft Published

26 February 2002: Responding to comments from the public, W3C Members, the W3C Advisory Committee, and the Open Source/Free Software community, the Patent Policy Working Group has released a Royalty-Free Patent Policy interim Working Draft. Its goal is to produce W3C Recommendations that can be implemented on a Royalty-Free (RF) basis. Comments are welcome. Read more in the press release and backgrounder.

XML Inclusions Becomes a W3C Candidate Recommendation

21 February 2002: W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of XML Inclusions (XInclude) Version 1.0 to Candidate Recommendation. Produced by the XML Core Working Group, XInclude introduces a generic mechanism for merging XML documents using elements, attributes, and URI references. Read about the XML Activity.