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Internet New Year's Event 2019

2019-01-17 | Archive

A very Internet New Year 2019

De Tolhuistuin, IJpromenade 2, i1031 KT Amsterdam

De Tolhuistuin

A very Internet New Year 2019

Meanwhile it is an established tradition: over thirty local and international internet organisations invite you to a joint Internet New Year's event which will be held on in Amsterdam. From registry to research network, from security to accessibility - and all the way back to hacking: you'll find plenty of interesting people to talk to.


The event will be held in Amsterdam at De Tolhuistuin, IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT Amsterdam. (how to get there).

Make sure you don't miss out, and reserve your free entry today [much thanks to RIPE NCC for handling the registration].



The Internet New Years Event is great for catching up with old friends and acquaintances, as well as meeting new people working in various areas of the internet. But as always we have a really interesting programme featuring a diversity of lightning talks from interesting speakers.

The ISOC.nl Internet Innovatie Award 2019 will once again be officially awarded to an important new internet initiative. And of course the traditional chairpersons debate, where the leaders of leading organisations discuss the preceding and upcoming year. This will as always be led by Olaf Kolkman (Chief Internet Technology officer Internet Society).

Do you have an idea for a talk? Mail the programme committee at ny2019pc@ripe.net, and maybe you'll find yourself on stage).

We look forward to seeing you at Internet New Year's event of 2019. Any questions or remarks? Let us know!

More information

Will of course appear on this page. If you have any questions, contact Michiel Leenaars or Alexandra Vos, +31 20 535 4363.

ISOC.nl Innovation Award

These organisations participate:
Deze organisaties nemen deel:

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